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Mixing Faith and Business

Feeling overwhelmed? Good. It means we’re diving into something real. Quick fixes? Easy paths? They’re just illusions. Anything promising instant success is likely just a temporary fix, not aligned with your faith. You know it. I know it. You can follow them anyway, or you can lean into your faith. The key to blending business and faith lies in your willingness to embrace the challenges. To choose the path of integrity. How do you succeed? By trading worldly gains for eternal blessings. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into how to succeed in business while keeping true to your faith.

Blending Faith and Business:

group of professionals having a morning prayer before meeting starts

The struggles of juggling faith and business in a world full of quick fixes and false promises can be tough. It’s like navigating through highs and lows, with faith as your constant guide. A business centered on faith doesn’t just focus on making money. It shapes the character of its leaders. And most importantly impacts lives beyond the office. William, VP of Operations with DeVore Capital, sees things differently—he believes balance is a myth. He believes integrating faith and work can be done smoothly. For Will, when faith is the foundation, everything falls into place. It’s like having a handbook that guides every decision, both in and out of the boardroom. In simple terms, faith is the bedrock on which everything else is built.

Practical Approaches to Business Decisions:

Team working on a plan to approach a difficult business decision

When you think about starting your own business, one thing stands out: it’s a lot of hard work. But there’s another side to it—faith. It’s like having an extra support system. Faith helps entrepreneurs make decisions based on something bigger than themselves, steering them away from being greedy or selfish.

Scott and William rely on their faith whenever they need to make big decisions in their businesses. They pray, read the Bible, and talk to trusted mentors who share their Christian beliefs. These actions help them figure out their strengths and stay aligned with what they believe God wants for their lives.

Running a Business Through the Lens of Faith:

Team meeting but using faith to guide them during meeting

Running a business with faith influences everything. Not just big decisions. From setting prices to dealing with customers, handling staff matters, and planning for the future, faith shapes every aspect of how the business operates.

Scott and William are successful entrepreneurs in the construction industry. And they have always relied on their faith to guide them in their business journey. They start each day with prayer, study the Bible, and seek advice from trusted mentors who share their Christian beliefs. These practices help them recognize their own strengths and connect them to a higher purpose beyond just making money.

Because they are committed to their faith, business owners like Scott and William can make decisions confidently. Knowing they are doing what’s right in the eyes of God. William emphasizes that everything he does in his business is done with God in mind. This perspective sees faith as the roadmap for an entrepreneur’s life. Influencing every choice they make in business.

Facing Challenges:

Think about the last bump in the road you faced in your business journey. Did you lose a partner? Make a big mistake? Or maybe your success skyrocketed, and you couldn’t keep up? Here’s the truth: Challenges are just part of the deal when it comes to success. These tough moments are shaping you into a leader—they’re here to make you stronger and help you lead your business to the finish line.

Faith equips you with the wisdom to tackle these challenges with confidence and peace of mind.

Having strong faith, entrepreneurs can face challenges head-on. Knowing that their decisions are morally sound and aligned with a higher power. William, for example, sees his business as a way to serve God in everything he does. This sense of spiritual responsibility gives him confidence in his actions.


In the end, balancing faith and entrepreneurship is no walk in the park. It’s about merging two important parts of who you are as an entrepreneur. Starting a business is tough, but when you let your faith guide you, it becomes a journey filled with honesty and dedication.

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