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Timberline Solar™: The Future of Roofing with DeVore Capital in Jacksonville

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DeVore Capital is a leading provider of renewable energy, delivering exclusive installation services of innovative solar shingles to households in Jacksonville. DeVore Capital offers Timberline Solar™, a sustainable roofing system that elegantly integrates solar technology into your home’s structure.

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Solar Roof made Easy

They claim that technology has truly arrived when it becomes seamless. When the engineering and integration are progressed, it becomes clear. Introducing Timberline Solar™. A roof created and developed to generate sustainable energy while doing all of the other functions that roofs do so effectively. It’s truly that simple.

Aesthetics are important to the items we sell. These roof-integrated solar products offer excellent water-shedding capabilities. And they’re installed by the world’s greatest roofers: GAF certified roofing contractors.

Neighbors will be envious of these sleek, low-profile, and precision-built roofs.

The Solar Pays for the Roof

GAF Energy Solar can generate electricity at cheaper costs than your utility company. The more you generate and use your own electricity, the less you spend. GAF Energy solar may eventually pay for itself and your new roof through monthly energy bill savings and government incentives.

When your solar panels generate more power than your home requires, you may be able to receive credit for the excess energy you send back to the grid. This could boost your monthly savings.

Of course, discounts vary and are not guaranteed. Incentive and eligibility restrictions differ, and availability is not guaranteed.

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A Roof with Power Installed

Solar Savings Basics

Modern Design, Reliable Quality

Timberline Solar™ consists of shingles, not panels or large tiles. These tiles are water-shedding, durable, and can endure winds up to 130 mph. Rack-mounted solar installations, in which the solar stands alone from the roof, require the drilling of dozens of holes through the roof membrane. Roof warranties normally don’t cover any resulting damage from these holes.

The Timberline Solar™ roof has the same wind and water-shedding guarantee coverage as the Timberline HDZ roof, making it suitable for homeowners who are familiar with GAF roofing products. Homeowners no longer have to make compromises when installing solar power to their roof. Get a beautiful roof, a single GAF-backed warranty, and solar power.

Small Choice, Global Change

Choosing a solar roof for your home means you’re helping to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. That is fantastic for both the present and future generations.

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Your Monthly Payment Calculator


What is the maintenance of Solar Roofs?

Timberline Solar is warrantied for a variety of weather conditions, including snow, rain, and wind, and the system is intended to require little to no maintenance. Seasonal rains should help keep dirt and debris off solar shingles, but if not, homeowners should gently rinse them (only when cool). Timberline Solar offers great, long-lasting protection from the weather while producing dependable clean energy for the home. It’s a roof with power installed to safeguard your home from leaks and other weather-related problems. Timberline Solar clients can use the GAF Energy homeowner portal to monitor and track their clean energy production. Solar roof monitoring puts data directly in customers’ hands, making it easier to discover problems.

Does my solar roof come with batteries or a grid connection?

Timberline Solar is intended to be used in conjunction with the electric grid and is compatible with many energy storage options on the market. AC-coupled batteries can be added to an existing solar system at any time. Other energy storage technologies may necessitate specialized equipment for existing solar installations. All energy storage options and features vary by location and are unique to each energy storage system. Please confirm with a certified energy storage contractor in advance that the specifications are correct for the installed solar components and intended operation modes (backup, self-consumption, time-of-use load shifting, etc.).

Are solar shingles as effective as panels?

Timberline Solar’s unique design as a whole roofing system prevents efficiency from being assessed in the same manner that a typical solar panel is. The ES uses the same high-efficiency mono PERC cell technology as Tier 1 solar panels, and depending on the geometry of a home’s roof, Timberline Solar may be able to fit more kW per roof than standard solar panels.

What are the advantages of solar shingles over rack-mounted solar panels?

Timberline Solar was the first true solar roof on the market. It includes the world’s first nailable solar shingle, which roofers can install with the same ease as traditional roofing shingles, using only a nail gun. This roof-integrated solar system has the advantage of being seamless and weatherproof, similar to standard shingle installation. Most home solar systems on the market use rack mounted panels or tiles, which require specialist installation expertise and may damage your existing roof with lag bolts. This could affect your roof’s waterproofing, causing it to degrade more quickly. Furthermore, the smaller form factor of the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle when compared to a solar panel allows for installation on more difficult roof geometries such as dormers or hipped roofs.

How much does solar roofing cost?

Timberline Solar pricing for the ordinary home varies depending on a variety of parameters, including the roof’s size and slope, shadowing around the home, and how much sunlight hits the roof on a typical day. A Timberline Solar roof is intended to be economical, with prices typically comparable to a new roof with regular rack-mounted solar. Timberline Solar is now available for residential installations and may become accessible for commercial buildings in the future.

Why are GAF Energy Solar Roofs the best solar solution for me?

Timberline Solar, GAF Energy’s integrated solar roofing system, is the first true solar roof. It blends solar technology with typical roofing materials and procedures, as well as the world’s first nailable solar shingle, which sits flush against the roof deck, giving long-lasting resilience and protection that looks wonderful. Timberline Solar was created to be a cost-effective solar roofing option in the face of rising power rates. If you use solar power instead of grid electricity, your energy costs may be reduced. This all implies that a Timberline Solar roof could save you money, which could eventually offset the cost of your new roof. And, if solar roofing becomes more prevalent, it may potentially increase the value of your home when you sell.

Is Timberline Solar™ identical to a Tesla solar roof?

Timberline Solar™ combines solar technology with lightweight roofing materials and techniques. GAF’s new system includes the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™ (ES), a nailable solar shingle. The ES is built domestically at GAF Energy’s production and R&D facilities in San Jose, California.

How can I know how much power my solar roof generates?

GAF’s roof-integrated solar system features efficient, user-friendly solar power monitoring. You’ll be able to monitor your system’s performance using an online portal. Our team will be there for you every step of the process. Allow the best in the business to keep your home secure and dry while creating power for years to come. Simply sit back and watch as your system generates electricity for your home.

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